Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley have a world-wide reputation as a premier vacation and retirement destination.  What is less known is that the Coachella Valley has a high rate of poverty which especially impacts our minority communities and youth.  Within the Palm Springs Unified School District, nearly 85% of our students come from disadvantaged homes.  Segments of our community have more than twice the state average of residents with income below the poverty level.  


Our dance scholarship program allows for a qualifying youth (aged 10-18), engaged in a dance training program, to apply for a scholarship covering 100% of their dance instruction.


We are most grateful to the Western Wind Foundation, our principal scholarship funding partner.  Additionally, we receive scholarship sponsorship support from numerous community stakeholders and donors.  Our on-going collaboration includes our work with the Palm Springs Unified School District, community volunteers, the FIND Food Bank and the Palm Springs Cultural Center.  Thank you for your commitment and generosity.

The Palm Springs Dance Project scholarship program is designed to support the achievements of young Coachella Valley students who are already engaged in dance training, from under-served and low-income families. 


The scholarships awarded may be granted quarterly for any students enrolled at one of our participating dance studios.  All applicants have been recommended by one of our studio staff members and directed to this application for submission.


Each application must be filled out completely as all fields are required.  The personal statements are evaluated upon presenting the students background, ability, character, purpose, intent and need for the scholarship award.  The statements must demonstrate their respect, joy, creativity and gratitude for their training and dance experience.


Scholarship awards will be awarded to a student who has demonstrated a determination, talent, successful track record and appreciation of their past training as well as an economic need.  All nominated students must be 10 years to 18 years of age. Reside within the Coachella Valley, and be a student at one of our participating dance studios.


These scholarships are funded and made possible through the generous support of the Western Wind Foundation and several generous residents of the Coachella Valley.  Awards issued are to be at the discretion of the Palm Springs Dance Project selection committee, while donor funding is available.

Palm Springs Dance Project Scholarship Program

Palm Springs Dance Project Dancers Fund

The purpose of the dancers fund is provide necessary attire and/or shoes to student dancers attending one of the area dance schools listed below.  The students applying for this stipend are to be of good standing and maintain a strong attendance record with the referring school in which directed them to the Palm Springs Dance Project application.  Awards issued are to be at the discretion of the Palm Springs Dance Project, while donor funding is available.