Founder, Executive Director & Producer


Darcy has called Palm Springs home for over 40 years and enjoys many long-term personal and business relationships within the community. A talented event producer and theater director she has more than 25 years of experience staging and managing public and private events including galas, conventions, and performing arts programs. More recently in her career Darcy was immersed in the arts as the Managing Director for the Annenberg Theater at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  During this time Darcy began her personal journey with dance; she became involved with the recital productions of two longstanding local dance studios and an amazing program called Dance for Life. She also recognized a significant scarcity of professional dance programming, despite the astonishing cultural growth of the community over the last 25 years.

Being deeply inspired by dance performance and the positive outcomes dance education has on youth, Darcy soon began to imagine how she could marry her passion with purpose, how her knowledge, experience and her plethora of resources could be used to create a multi-dimensional dance program to enrich her community. In 2016, while still working for the Palm Springs Art Museum, Darcy hired an up-and-coming Los Angeles dance company to work with and introduced a proto-type multi-day dance program. The program tied in dance performance, youth dance education, and a community dance happening. It was a hit!  


Soon Darcy turned her full-time attention to developing what was to be introduced as the Palm Springs Dance Festival, through her company, Astonish Events, LLC.   In 2017 the four-day celebration of diverse dance was presented and it was a solid success. It grew year over year and in 2020 the organization evolved into what is now known as the Palm Springs Dance Project, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We lead the way in fostering world-class dance programs, comprehensive dance-education opportunities, and connecting the greater Palm Springs community to the broader dance world, and to one another, all from our home base, Palm Springs.


Artistic Director & Curator


Having worked in Palm Springs the past five years as a choreographer and technical director, I am humbled to take on the position of Artistic Director and Curator here at the Palm Springs Dance Project. I create dance theater that is driven by the classic fundamentals of storytelling, all the while being revolutionary in my thinking and open to modern and current inspirations. My purpose as a director is to engage an audiences subconscious and propel them to new worlds. I curate works that constantly surprise and live in the realm of spontaneity.

Now the question is, what has made Palm Springs such a desired muse to so many throughout time? Perhaps it’s the fabulous architecture and celebrity past . . . Perhaps it’s the concept of escape and an easier day to day life or even more, perhaps it’s the vast possibility of its future. 

My intention is to not just bring outside dance and entertainment to the city, but to curate works dedicated and inspired by Palm Springs itself, to incorporate the city’s flare and uniqueness into everything we do here at The Project.

We at the Dance Project are about to position Palm Springs not just at the top of dance in the desert but at the pinnacle of new and thrilling dance in the United States. 

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Darcy Carozza, President

Don Cornuet, Secretary/Treasurer

Rosanne Kumins




Danny Kopelson, Lead Advisor

Jeremy Hobbs, Western Wind Foundation

Richard De Santis, Events Productions

Lindsay Kaufmann, Dance with Miss Lindsay

Cynthia Kaye, CK Dance Studio

Isa Lapaj, Step by Step Studio

Olga Morales, Dancer/Adjudicator/Model

Mike Napoli, Performing Arts Live / LA Phil Associates

Shea New, Dance Educator/Founder Choreography Festival

Liz Thompson / Former Executive & Artistic Director, Jacobs Pillow


Western Wind Foundation

Jack Alotto & Dale Smith/ Marin Community Foundation

The Red Auerbach Youth Foundation

Don Cornuet & Stephen Weiner

Rosanne Kumins


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